Cassava flour(Kinazi G1)3 KgMonth
Shoe creams (100ml)1 PieceMonth
Maize flour12 Kg2Months
Pakistan Rice6 KgMonth
Spaghetti (500g)4 piecesMonth
Sugar3 KgMonth
Beef condiments5 PktsMonth
Curino Mayonaise1 KgMonth
Royco Mchuzi Mixt (500 g)2 TinMonth
Royco Cube beef (4g)02Month
Wheat Flour2 Kg2 Kg
BlueBand1 KgMonth
Cooking Oil3 LitersMonth
Guigoz8 TinsMonth
Cerelac (480 grs)6 TinsMonth
Juice5 LitersMonth
Water30 LitersMonth
M/Water container (18 Liters)1 Piece1Years
Drawing books (48 Pages)4 PiecesTrimester
Drawing colours (set of 12 colour pens)12 PktsTrimester
Nootri Toto 1kg06 piecesMonth
Soap Laundry05PcsMonth
Nootri Family 1.5kg04pcsMonth
Nootri Mama 1kg04pcsMonth
Back pack bag(HP power)01pc1 Year
Back pack bag(Sainteagle)01pc1 Year
Back pack bag(brave force hero)01pc1 Year
Back pack bag(Omega Japan)01pc1 Year
Back pack bag(Chenson)01pc1 Year
Back pack bag(super speed)01pc1 Year
Back pack bag(love fashion)01pc1 Year
Back pack bag(youyi)01pc1 Year
D.Light S20013 Years
D.Light S300013 Years
Desert plate 21cm sango roma06 pieces1 Year
Flask 3L, stainless steel3 Pieces1 Year
Sun King Home1 Set3 Years
Calculator Scientific2 piecesyear
Calculator Kenko
Colgate herbal 100ml1pcmonth
TZ Rice6kgs1 month
Inyange Tetrafino 500ml15 liters1 month
None/F(minimex) 25 kg10kgs2 month
S. Kolson 500grs
UHT milk/Highland
Exercise books 80 pages
Math sets Academic
Pencils HB Redy
Pencils Dolphin
School bags medium Q.
Meter Ruler3Yr
Math sets Kopa2 sets1 year
Glue 20ml UHU
Drawing books 100P Fis4 pieces
Drawing Color/ small12 piecestrimester
Drawing Color/Big12 piecestrimester
Tembo4 piecesMonth
Pen15 piecesTrimester
Periodic table2 pieces1 year
Register2 piecesTrimester
Manilla paper10 piecesyear
Sharpeners3 piecesTrimester
Dictionary Oxford primary1 piecesyear
Calculator1 pieces1 year
Lotion (400 ml)1 bottlemonth
Vaseline Lotion (400ml)1 bottlemonth
Pads4 packetsmonth
Pampers (Evey Baby)5 packetsmonth
Vim(500 g)4 bottlesmonth
Serviette Clear5 packetsMonth
Evy Baby Diapers5 packetsmonth
Washing soap8 piecesmonth
Liquide Soap (5 Liters)1 jerricanmonth
Dish Wash (5 Liters)1 Jerricanmonth
Hand Wash (750 ml)5 bottlesmonth
Tiles Cleaner (5l)1 jerricanmonth
Toilet Cleaner (750 ml)3 bottlesmonth
Bleach Liquid (5l)1 jerricanmonth
Glace Cleaner (750 ml)2 bottlemonth
Soap OMO 1K2kgsMonth
Shoe creams (100ml)1 piecemonth
Cylinder (Bottle) Gas 12kgs2 bottles5 years
Liquidfied Petr.Gaz6okgsmonth
Skin tight (Colant)3 pieces6 month
Underwear6 pieces6 month
Sauce Pane2 sets2 years
Tooth brush Double13 month
Insecticide1 piecemonth
shoe brush2 piecesmonth
Sunligth 1kg2month
soft drink12 bottlemonth
Yoghurt15 pieces
Glycerine1 piecemonth
Venegar2 bottlesmonth
Shampoo1 bottlemonth
Ikivuguto 3L15Lmonth
Paper1 Reamtrimester
Shirt for men2 pieces1 year
Shirt/blouses2 piece2 years
Shirts/Trousers2 pieces2years
Bassin2 pieces1 year
Jelicans5 piecesyear
Plastic Crates1 pieceyear
Slipers2 piecesyear
Empty Soda 30cl24year
Sante2 pieces2 pieces
Nina2 piecesmonth
Sun King Home1 set3 years
Plates Spain 31cm06 pieces1 year
Flat plate luminarc 20.5cm(14)06 pieces1 year
Flat plate luminarc 20.5cm(13)06 piecesyear
Mug,32 luminarc diam 8*9cm06 piecesyear
Ladles serving stainless steel06 piecesyear
Spoon stainless12 piecesyear
Fork stainless12 piecesyear
Table knife stainless steel12 piecesyear
Sugar bowls 9cm*60cm2 piecesyear
A curious boy01 pcmonth
Abana b'inkubaganyi01 pcmonth
Amabara01 pcmonth
Amatungo01 pcmonth
Bakame na Ruhinyura01 pcmonth
Drole de chat01 pcmonth
Funny cat01 pcmonth
Indyo yuzuye01 pcmonth
Little hands01month
Mata na mukiza01pcmonth
Mbaye uwande01pcmonth
Printed bed sheet/single02pcsyear
Printed bed sheet/double02pcsyear
Agashya diluted 500ml10 piecesmonth
Agashya passion 1L10month
Agashya pineapple 1L4 piecesmonth
Agashya straw 1L4 piecesmonth
Agrotherin250g (Powder)1 piecemonth
Akandi N/W 1.5L30 piecesmonth
Akandi N/W 20L30 piecesmonth
Akandi N/W 300ml30month
Akandi N/W 500ml30 piecesmonth
Akandi N/W 5L30 piecesmonth
Akanozo maize flour 10kgs12 pieces2 month
Akanozo maize flour 1kgr122 month
Akanozo maize flour 25kgr12 pieces2 month
Akarabo Biscuit 350grs10 piecesmonth
Always Lady Pad3 piecesmonth
Amatungo10 piecesyear
APRICOT Yoghurt 250ml15month
Azam Energy drink 300ml30 piecesmonth
Juice Drink10 piecesmonth
Juice Inyange 500ml10 piecesmonth
Juice Inyange 300ml10 piecesmonth
Azam juice 330ml10 piecesmonth
Azam Malti 500ml10 piecesmonth
Azania home backers four 25kg2 pieces2 month
Azania home backers four 2kg2 piecesmonth
Azania Premier grade 1SBF 25kg2 piecesmonth
Aziz Blue Triangle sticker 5PHH2 pieces6 month
Aziz Green sticker2 pieces6 month
Aziz Red sticker 5AP12 pieces6 month
Aziz Yellow sticker 5AP2 pieces6 month
B/Cover &B/sheet +2pillow(L09-06)4 piecesyear
Balais Coco2 piecesyear
Balais dure de 33 cm6 piecesyear
Balais semi- dure de 33 cm6 piecesyear
Basmati 1Kg6 kgsmonth
Basmati 2Kg6kgsmopnth
Basmati 5Kg6kgsmonth
Basmati Babanoor 10Kg6kgsmonth
Basmati Rwanda 2Kg6kgsmonth
Basmati Rwanda 5Kg8kgsmonth
Basmati Sella 1121 royal rice 5 Kg8kgsmonth
Bata brush (950-6036)2 piecesyear
Bata Slipers (877-5413)2 piecesyear
Bed Cover &Bed sheet +2pillow 230X215Cm(L09-05)4 pices5years
Bed Cover &Bed sheet +2pillow 230X240Cm(L09-04)4 pieces5 years
Bed Cover 200X160Cm(L09-01)4 pieces5 years
Bed Cover 200X170Cm(L09-02)4 pices5 years
Bed Cover 200X180Cm(L09-03)4 pieces5 years
Bed sheet &pillow 210X200Cm(L09-09)2 piecesyear
Bed sheet &pillow 210X200Cm(109-10)2 piecesyear
Bed sheet 210X165Cm(109-07)2 piecesyear
Bed sheet 210X165Cm(109-08)2 piecesyear
Bireti(Body Relent Spray)30ml1 piecemonth
Biscuit ADMA 200grs10 picesmonth
Biscuit ADMA marie 65 to 7010 piecesmonth
Biscuit ADMA marie 65 to 7010 pcsmonth
Biscuit ADMA Riham10 piecesmonth
Biscuit britania 200grs10 piecesmonth
Biscuit Manji 100grs10 piecesmonth
Biscuit Manji 200grs10month
Bleach Liquid 5L5ltrsmonth
Blue- Band 1000grs1 piecemonth
Blue- Band 500grs1 piecemonth
BlueBand Deli250grs1 piecemonth
BlueBand Deli500grs1 piecemonth
Blue-Band250grs1 piecemonth
Brosse à soulier2 pieceyear
Brosse WC6 piecesyear
Brosse à vaiselle6 pieceyear
C/flour(Kinazi G1) 50kg3kgmonth
C/Oil 10L3ltrsmonth
C/Oil 1L2ltrsmonth
C/Oil 20L3ltsmonth
C/Oil 3L2ltrsmonth
C/Oil 5L3ltrsmonth
Clear Kitchen towel 1 roll1 rollmonth
Clear Laundry soap 600ml5pcsmonth
CLOSE-UP Fire freeze1pcmonth
CLOSE-UP Menthol freshmonth
CLOSE-UP Red Hot1 piecemonth
Coffee 250g4piecesmonth
Coffee 500g4piecesmonth
Colgate 140grs1 piecesmonth
None/F(Minimex) 10kgs10kgs2 month
S/flower cooking oil 1Lt2month
Cassava Flour(Kinazi G1) 50kgs3kgsmonth
S/Flower/C/Oil 3L3LMonth
S/Flower/C/Oil 5L2LMonth
Clear Laundry soap 800ml5pcsmonth
Coffee 1kg4PcsMonths
Colgate 70ml1pcmonth
Colgate herbal toothpaste 70grs1pcmonth
Common Jersey(White,Blue & Black)2pcsYear
Counter Book4pcsTrimester
Customized water 500ml30LMonth
Diamant Vinegar2Month
Drain power 1L5month
Drawing Books A44PcsTrimeter
E/books 100 pages4PcsTrimester
E/books 120 pages4pcsTrimester
E/books 200 pages4pcsTrimester
E/books 96 pages4pcsTrimester
Empty Bottle Sulfo(Bubble)24Year
Evy baby wipes5 PacketsMonth
Farmfresh high iron beans 700 g2month
Five Star 190*120*201pc2 Years
Five Star 190*180*201 Pc2 Yrs
Five Star 200*180*201 Pc2 Yrs
Five Star 200*180*251 Pc2 Yrs
Five Star 200*200*201Pc2 Yrs
Five Star 200*200*251Pc2 Yrs
Five Star Spring 190*160*251 Pc2 Yrs
Five Star Spring 190*180*251 Pc2 Yrs
Flask 1L, Stanless steel3 PcsYear
Flask 2L, stainless steel32 Yrs
Frooto Mango Centrion 1L10Month
Geisha 100g2Month
Geisha 125g2Month
Geisha 225g2Month
Geisha 250g2Month
Geisha Lotion 200Ml2Month
Geisha Lotion 400Ml2Month
Giv washing soap 80grs2Month
Glass Cleaner 500ML2Month
Glass Cleaner 650ML2Month
Glue 20ml UHU2Month
Grand bassin2Yr
Grand Jerrican2Yr
Green Tea2Month
Hair conditioner 1L1Month
Hair shampoo 1L1Month
Hand sanitizer 50ml4Month
Hand wash 500ML10Month
Hayat mayonaise 236.5ml1Month
Hayat mayonaise 473ml1Month
Hayat mayonaise 946ml1Month
Home bakers flour 2kgs2Month
Househld Cleaner 1L5Month
Househld Cleaner 3L5Month
Househld Cleaner 5L5Month
Ihogoza super 10kgs12Month
Ihogoza super 25kgs12Month
Ikiroso cyo mu ntoki6Yr
Ikiroso cyoroshye 30 cm6Yr
Ikiroso gikomeye 30 cm6Yr
Ikivuguto 2L15LMonth
Ikivuguto 500ml15Month
Ikivuguto 5L15Month
Imperial 175g2Month
Imperial 200g2Month
Imperial 75g2Month
Imperial 85g2Month
Inyange Apple 1L10LMonth
Inyange Butter 10g1Month
Inyange Butter 500g1Month
Inyange Empty W/Gallon1Yr
Inyange Mineral Water30Month
Inyange Mineral Water 1L30Month
Inyange Mineral Water 500ml30Month
Inyange Mango 1L10Month
Inyange Orange 1L10Month
Inyange Passion 1L10Month
Inyange Peanaple 1L10Month
Inyange Salted Butter 250g1Month
Inyange Water 18L30LMonth
Inyange Yoghurt 130g30Month
Inyange Yoghurt 250ml30Month
Inyange Yoghurt 400ml30Month
Jambo Olive Oil 1L3Month
Jambo Olive Oil 500ml3Month
Kazi Coffee 250g4Month
Kazi Coffee 500g4Month
Kivu Bourbon Coffee Ground 250g4Month
Kivu Bourbon Coffee Ground 500g4Month
Kiwi shoe cream Brack 100ml1Month
Kiwi shoe neutral 100ml1Month
Kiwi shoe Polish Brack 100ml1Month
Kiwi shoe Polish Brack 40ml1Month
Lala Salama 190*120*1512Yrs
Lala Salama 190*140*2012Yrs
Lundry Detergent 1L5Month
Life Boy 100g2Month
Life Boy 175g2Month
Life Boy 200g2Month
Life Boy 75g2Month
Liquid Soap 5L(Detergent)5Month
Loose Tea 100g4Month
Loose Tea 200g4Month
Loose Tea 500g4Month
Vaseline Petro Jelly 250ml1 bottleMonth
Vaseline Body Lotion Dry1Month
Vaseline Jelly 100ml1Month
Vaseline Lotion 200ml1Month
Vaseline Men Lotion cooling200ml1Month
VIM 1000g1Month
VIM 500g1Month
White Dent 110g1Month
White Dent 190g1Month
White Dent 70g1Month
W.S/Mini Tembo4Month
W/S Tembo4Month
Wake me up 100g2Month
Wake me up 200g2Month
Wheat flour 2kgs4Month
Women bras2Yr
Women pant2Yr
Women pant HSF2Yr
Tatra 3H Safety3Month
Tea 500g4Month
Tea bags 100g4Month
Tea bags 50g4Month
Thailand rice6Month
Toilet disinfectant 1l6Month
Toilet Paper Super5Month
Tomatin 70gr350Month
Tomatin 800gr350Month
Tomatin Sachet 50g350Month
Tomatin Sachet 70g350Month
Tawel 143*0.752Yr
Truck suit Different colors2Yr
T-Shirt different colors2Yr
Tuuza long casting 45ml1Month
Uburoso bw'inkweto2Yr
UHT Milk Low Fat 1l15Month
UHT Milk Low Fat 500ml15Month
UHT whole Milk 250 ml15Month
UHT flavored Milk 250ml15Month
Umoja Comfy2Yr
Umukoropesho 100cm1Yr
Umukoropesho 30 cm1Yr
Umukoropesho 45 cm1Month
Umukoropesho 50 cm1Yr
Umukoropesho 60 cm1Yr
Umukoropesho n'uburoso 30 cm1Yr
Umutekano mu muhanda10trimester
Umweyo ukomeye6Trimester
Umweyo woroshye 30 cm6Trimester
Umweyo w'ubwoya6Trimester
Underwear for men126Month
Underwear for men (Nagine)126Months
Underwear for men(Yulu 3Pcs)126Months
Underwear for women126 Month
Underwear for women(Beauty seaso)126 Month
Underwear for women (ingwe)126 Months
Undutira abandi10Trimester
Urukundo mu cyaro10Trimester
Vaseline Baby Jelly 250ml1 BottleMonth
Parfume AXE 150ml3Month
Pasteurizad Flesh Milk3Month
Pepsodent cavity 150grs1Month
PepsodentTP Trip 140grs1Month
Petit bassin2Yr
Perioe LG toothpaste 100ml1Month
Pocket Tissue6Month
Prestige Quilt 190*120*2512Yrs
Prestige Quilt 190*140*2512Yrs
Prestige Quilted 190*120*1512Yrs
Prestige Quilted 190*140*2012Yrs
Prestige Quilted 190*160*2012Yrs
Prestige Quilted 190*180*2512 Yrs
Prestige Quilted 200*200*2512 Yrs
Pullo Spagetti04 PacketsMonth
Quiet Dove cover small 160*210 Cm04Month
Racrette de 33 cm06Yr
Racrette avec brosse06Yr
Refiling du Nil 18.9L30Month
Rice long grain (Buryohe) 2kgs06Month
Rice long grain (Buryohe) 5kgs06Month
Royco Mchuzi Mixt (200 g)02Month
Rwanda Foam 120*60*10(kids)12 Yrs
Rwanda Foam 190*120*15/1812 Yrs
Rwanda Foam 190*120*15/2012 Yrs
Rwanda Foam 190*120*15/2512 Yrs
Rwanda Foam 190*120*20/1812 Yrs
Rwanda Foam 190*120*20/2012 Yrs
Rwanda Foam 190*120*20/2512 Yrs
Rwanda Foam 190*140*15/1812 Yrs
Rwanda Foam 190*140*15/2512 Yrs
Rwanda Foam 190*140*20 Orth 18/6012 Yrs
Rwanda Foam 190*140*20 Orth 25/10012Yrs
Rwanda Foam 190*140*20/1812 Yrs
Rwanda Foam 190*140*20/2012 Yrs
Rwanda Foam 190*140*20/2512Yrs
Rwanda Foam 190*140*25/2012 Yrs
Rwanda Foam 190*140*25/2512 Yrs
Rwanda Foam 190*150*20/2512 Yrs
Rwanda Foam 190*160*20 Orth 25/10012 Yrs
Rwanda Foam 190*160*20/1812 Yrs
Rwanda Foam 190*160*20/2012 Yrs
Rwanda Foam 190*160*20/2512 Yrs
Rwanda Foam 190*160*25 Orth25/10012 Yrs
Rwanda Foam 190*160*25/2012 Yrs
Rwanda Foam 190*160*25/2512 Yrs
Rwanda Foam 190*170*20 Orth25/10012 Yrs
Rwanda Foam 190*180*20 Orth25/10012 Yrs
Rwanda Foam 190*180*20/2012 Yrs
Rwanda Foam 190*180*20/2512 Yrs
Rwanda Foam 190*180*25/2012 Yrs
Rwanda Foam 190*180*25/2512 Yrs
Rwanda Foam 190*190*20 Orth25/10012 Yrs
Rwanda Foam 190*190*20/2512 Yrs
Rwanda Foam 190*200*20 Orth25/10012 Yrs
Rwanda Foam 190*200*20/2512 Yrs
Rwanda Foam 190*90*10/1612 Yrs
Rwanda Foam 190*90*10/2512 Yrs
Rwanda Foam 190*90*13/1612 Yrs
Rwanda Foam 190*90*15 Orth 18/6012 Yrs
Rwanda Foam 190*90*15/1812 Yrs
Rwanda Foam 190*90*15/2012 Yrs
Rwanda Foam 190*90*15/2512 Yrs
Rwanda Foam 190*90*20 Orth25/10012 Yrs
Rwanda Foam 190*90*20/1812 Yrs
Rwanda Foam 190*90*20/2512 Yrs
Rwanda Foam 190*90*8/1612 Yrs
Rwanda Foam 190*90*120*15/1812 Yrs
Rwanda Foam 190*120*20 Orth 25/10012 Yrs
Rwanda Foam 190*120*10/1620/18 with tape12 Yrs
Rwanda Foam 190*140*15/18 with tape12 Yrs
Rwanda Foam 190*140*15/2012 Yrs
Rwanda Foam 190*140*20/18 with tape12 Yrs
Rwanda Foam 190*180*25 Orth 25/10012 Yrs
Rwanda Foam 190*90*10/2012 Yrs
Rwanda Foam 190*90*15/18 with tape12 Yrs
Rwanda Foam 190*90*20/18 with tape12 Yrs
Rwanda Foam 190*90*20/2012 Yrs
Rwanda Foam 200*180*20 Orth 25/10012 Yrs
Rwanda Foam 200*180*20/2512 Yrs
Rwanda Foam 200*200*20/2012 Yrs
Rwanda Foam 200*200*20 Orth25/10012 Yrs
Rwanda Foam 200*200*20/2512 Yrs
Rwanda Foam 200*200*25 Orth25/10012 Yrs
Rwanda Foam 200*200*25/2012 Yrs
Salsa 70grs7 Pcs PersonelMonth
Rwanda Foam 200*200*25/2512 Yrs
S. du Nil(Sulfo 1.5l)30Month
S. du Nil(Sulfo 1L)30Month
S. du Nil(Sulfo 3L)30Month
S. du Nil(Sulfo 500ml)30Month
S. du Nil(Sulfo 5L)30Month
S.Santa Lucia 250g4Month
S.Santa Lucia 500 grs4Month
S/bag 80 grammes12Month
S/bag B12 w2112Month
S/bag B12 w2212Month
S/bag D12 w1512Month
S/bag T8L2112Month
Safari blue4Month
Sante herbjelly 110grs2Month
Sante Jelly 100grs2Month
Sante Jelly 200 grs2 PcsMonth
Sante Jelly 250grs2 pcsMonth
School bags best Q.2Yr
School bags high Q.2Yr
School bags medium Q.2Month
Sheo polish 50ml1 pcMonth
Signal toothpaste 150ml1Month
Soap OMO 3.5Kgs2Month
Soap OMO 500g2Month
Lude Shoe Polish1Month
M.Fresh antibacteria 750ml10Month
M.Fresh original 450ml10Month
M.Fresh original 750ml10Month
M.Fresh zesty lemon 450ml10Month
M.Fresh zesty lemon 750ml10Month
M.Selva 500grs4Month
Magi Cube2Month
Magic Liquid Soap 5L5Month
Malayika yellow 200g1Month
Maman bebe P.J250g1Month
Mineral Water (Crystal 500ml)30Month
Nescafe 50grs4Month
Nyabisindu Yoghurt 200ml30Month
Nyabisindu Yoghurt 250ml30Month
Nyabisindu Yoghurt 500ml30Month
Obalino/Eva Spaghetti4Month
Olive Oil RS Pomace 1L3Month
Olive Oil RS Pomace 250ml3Month
Olive Oil RS Pomace 500ml3Month
Orth-Mec 190*160*2512 Yrs
Orth-Mec 190*140*2512 Yrs
Pampers Best star5 packetsMonth
Bed Cover L05 small 160X210Cm42 Yrs
Bed Cover L04 small 160X210Cm42 Yrs
Biscuit ADMA Power 200 grs10Month
Sleep Well 190*120*2012 Yrs
Sleep Well 200*180*2012 Yrs
Sosoma No.1 1kg4 kgsMonth
Sosoma No.1 5kg4 kgsMonth
Sosoma No.2 Fortified 1kg4 kgsMonth
Sosoma No.2 1kg4 KgsMonth
Sosoma No.2 5kg4 kgsMonth
Sousan Gly Cream 125grs2Month
Soya tea4Month
Special Bakers flour 10kgs2Month
Special Bakers flour 25kgs2Month
Special Bakers flour 5 kgs2Month
Sportif2 PcsMonth
Spot Scour Powder 500grs2Month
Sulfo Gly W 50grs3Month
Sulfo Liquid Soap 5L2Month
Sun King Home1Month
SunLigth 3.5kg2Month
SunLigth 500g2 kgMonth
SunLigth 5Kg2 kgMonth
SunLigth Dwliq 400ml1 LMonth
SunLigth Dwliq 750ml1 LMonth
SunLigth Jar 500g2 kgMonth
SunLigth Jar1kg2 kgMonth
SunLigth Powder yelow 200grs2Month
SunLigth table 175grs2 kgMonth
Supa Serviette5Month
Super Baby Wipes5Month
Super Lady Pad2Month
Sweet Dreams 190*120*151Yr
Sweet Dreams 190*180*201Yr
Swiss Gear2Yr
T/paper clear5Month
T/paper virgin5Month
Table knife stainless steel12Yr
Umweyo w'icyatsi cyumye6Yr
Nootri family 1kg4 PcsMonth
Nootri quick 1 kg04Month
Chocolate flovored milk 1l15Month
Biscuit Adma digestive 150gr10Month
Biscuit ADMA RIO Adma Rio 90grs10Month
Biscuit Adma Ginger 125grs10Month
Biscuit Adma 80 to 10010Month
Lady Pads young girls2Month
Shopping A212Month
Shopping bag Vest12Month
Shopping bag A112Month
Shopping A312Month
Rwanda Foam 190*140*25 Orth 25/10012 Years
UHT Whole milk 500ml15 L1 Month
Loose Tea 250 gm41 Month
Sunlight HW Powder yellow bucket 1kg21 Month
Sunlight Sachet 3.5Kgs21 Month
King (Super) OM.KS 25 ORTO (200*200*25)12 YEARS
Foam 190*120*15/18 with tape12 Yrs
Foam 190*120*20/18 with tape12 Yrs
Foam 190*90*15 Orth 25/10012 Yrs
Rwanda Foam 190*140*25 Orth 25/2512 Yrs
Prestige Quilted 190*180*2012 Yrs
Biscuit ADMA Glucoser 50 grs10 PiecesMonth
Biscuit crunchie 55grs10 PiecesMonth
Biscuit be happy 30grs10 PiecesMonth
Biscuit ADMA urugero 50grs10 PiecesMonth
Peanuts flour roasted800Month
Unroasted Peanuts flour800Month
Peanuts butter 800g800Month
Peanuts butter 400g800Month
Customized Water 500ml(24Pcs)30Month
Brosse à cheveux6Yr
Brosse à Dos6Yr
Brosse à Habits6Yr
Brosse à Chaleur6Yr
Brosse à Abeille6Yr
Brosse à petit dure6Yr
Brosse à Recurer6Yr
Brosse à Arraigne6Yr
Brosse à Bouteille6Yr
Balais Coco de 33 cm6Yr
Balais de 50 cm6Yr
Balais Coco de 1 m6Yr
Balais semi- dure de 25 cm6Yr
Balais dure de 25 cm6Yr
Balais Ensoie de 25 cm6Yr
Raclette de 50 cm6Yr
Raclette de 1 m6Yr
Raclette Pour Vitre6Yr