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Dear Esteemed Beneficiaries,

Welcome to Armed Forces Shop (AFOS) official website, the sole duty free shop for RDF, RNP  and RCS service members.

Established by law No 34/2012 of 03/09/2012, the welfare institution opened its first outlet on 29/08/2013 and has opened eight branches countrywide.

AFOS was established under combined efforts of the Ministries of Defence and Interior with the main mission of promoting social and economic activities as well as other activities meant for the promotion.


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Uburyo bwo guhaha muri AFOS

Armed Forces Shop(AFOS) ihahirwamo n’abasikare, aba police n’abacunga gereza hamwe n’ímiryango yabo.

Ushobora gukoresha ubu buryo mukwishyura: Cash, Mobile Money(MoMo) and point of Sale(PoS)

Soma birambuye...


After a long time searching a way to improve the welfare of Armed Forces members and their immediate families, it was found that a duty free facility should be established.

It was found that different shopping facilities one of RDF members, another for RNP was not appropriate, rather a unified shop shared by both RDF and RNP is to be established, hence the idea of the Armed Forces Shop (AFOS).