Dear Esteemed Beneficiaries,

Welcome to the Rwanda Defence Forces , Rwanda National Police Shop and Rwanda Correctional Service (AFOS) official website, the sole duty free shop for RDF and RNP service members. Established by law No 34/2012 of 03/09/2012, the welfare institution opened its first outlet on 29/08/2013 and has opened eight branches countrywide. AFOS was established under combined efforts of the Ministries of Defence and Interior with the main mission of promoting social and economic activities as well as other activities meant for the promotion

of beneficiaries’ general interest.


As a new startup institution, AFOS has introduced approximately 44% of the items approved by the ministerial order No 001/13/10/TC of 05/07/2013, determining the list of goods exempted from taxes and duties of the Rwanda Defence Forces and Rwanda National Police Shop. AFOS management has set several goals for promoting the beneficiaries’ welfare and among them we can mention: creating satisfying price differences between our prices and market prices, improving product quality, taking our services close to beneficiaries’ workplaces, researching on different substitute products and advise our clients on choice making etc.

Through government support, some of our human resource capacity has satisfactorily developed and much more is expected in near future. We are proud to let you know that we are currently working hard to improve our customer care and we hope by end June 2015, at least 30% of our working staff shall have undergone through customer care courses.

There are currently a number of new products that we plan to introduce in our shops and projects of constructing more branches in a bid to taking our services near our beneficiaries are in pipeline. As a sole service provider in selling groceries and other households to the beneficiaries, we have established several link with many manufacturers in East Africa and beyond, and more research is being conducted.

By selling duty free goods, we regulate them by fixing monthly quota. However, every beneficiary purchases as per the purchasing power and not necessary to finish all the quota and no quota is carried forward at the end of the month.

This website serves as the link between the beneficiaries and AFOS management. I now invite you to go through the pages of our website to get a better insight into what we have for you at the Armed Forces Shop. We are here for you.